The Spare Open API can be found here.

Spare Labs believes in open data solutions that enable truly integrated mobility solutions. The future of integrated services is only possible with easy transfer of information from service to service – and this is exactly what Spare Platform has been designed to both integrate with and provide. In a world where open APIs are the rule, rather than the exception, the rate of innovation among developers will be rapid and robust, ultimately providing our customers and the riders more value and choice than one company could ever be able to offer by themselves.

The Spare Open API offers developers access to up-to-date Spare Platform information such as vehicle availability, departure times and live tracking. Furthermore, it offers access to protected functions for registered developers, such as booking a trip, getting information about recent trips, cancelling trips, and more. By offering an open API platform, Spare Platform can easily integrate with a wealth of third-party and customized solutions, such as new payment solutions, vehicle statistics and maintenance solutions, and much more.

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