Notifications are sent to riders using SMS texts to their phone number or app-based push notifications. Administrators can configure the contents of these notifications using the Spare Platform Admin Portal.

To configure your Rider Notification Settings

  1. Enter Spare Launch at 
  2. Click on Settings in the bottom left
  3. Click on Notification Settings

Types of Notifications

  • Ride Accepted: This is sent to riders every time their trip is accepted by the system. In a guaranteed supply system, this typically takes a few seconds after the rider books their trip.
  • Ride Reminder: This is sent for all accepted rides 1-hour before the rider's requested pickup time.
  • Ride No Drivers Available: This is sent to the rider if the system was not able to find a trip for them. In a robust frontend implementation, this should almost never happen. However, in busy systems there are sometimes a limited number of trips available due to high passenger demand.
  • Ride Cancelled: This is sent to the rider when their ride is cancelled by someone other than the rider themselves (by a driver or administrator).
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