Administrator: Administrators have full view and write access to the entire suite of Spare Launch features, including, but not limited to: creating and editing services, setting and editing duties, creating and editing vehicles, creating and modifying requests, creating and modifying users, changing user permissions, as well as access to Spare Analyze and Realize (if applicable).

Booking Agent: Booking agents only have write access to the User and Request menus, allowing them to create and edit non-administrator users as well as to create, edit, and delete trip requests. They can also view the live map, services, stops, favorite locations, reviews, and charges.

Scheduler: Schedulers have the same permissions as booking agents, but can also create, edit, and delete driver duties and vehicles.

Professional Driver: Drivers have no permissions on Spare Platform, they can only log into the Spare Driver app.

Note: if the user you are creating is a rider, do not select a role.

To change a user's permissions:

  1. Navigate to the user profile of the user you want to edit permissions for. You can do this by searching for them in the search bar at the top of the platform.
  2. Tap Edit in the top right.
  3. Uncheck/check the roles (and corresponding permissions) you would like the user to have, before clicking Save.
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