To create a trip request, log in to and click on the Requests pane in the lefthand menu. In the top right, click Add Request.

Next, find the rider by typing into the users search bar and click on them in the dropdown menu. If the rider does not have a user profile, click on Add User and enter in their details. 

Next, search for the rider's pickup and dropoff locations by searching in the appropriate address bar. Don't forget to click on the correct address or virtual stop in the dropdown menu. 

If both locations are within an active service zone for your organization, the applicable service(s) will show up. Click on the service you would like to book the trip on.

Next, select the rider's Leave Time. The rider can either leave as soon as possible, leave at a point in the future (if enabled), or (if enabled) set an arrive by time where the system will calculate a pickup time based on the passenger's desired arrival time (with time buffer). 

After selecting the time, enter in the number of passengers along with any accessibility features required for the trip (note: this will restrict the request to services and vehicles that can accommodate the passenger's accessibility needs). 

Lastly, enter in any extra notes the driver may need for the passenger(s) and click Create Request.

If you had trouble getting a trip, please see "Why can't I create a trip request?".

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