Getting Started

Creating a trip request on Spare Platform is easy. To get started with creating a trip request, do the following:

  1. Log in to
  2. Select Rides in the left menu
  3. In the dropdown, verify that Requests is selected
  4. In the top right, click Add Request

Creating a Request

Step 1: Select a rider

  • Find the rider by typing a name or phone number into the users field and select on the desired user in the dropdown menu.
  • If the rider does not have a user profile, select Add User and enter in their details. 

Step 2: Set pickup and dropoff locations

  • In the pickup field, type in the address of the riders pickup location and select the virtual stop or address in the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Select the service

  • If both pickup and dropoff locations are within an active service zone, the applicable service(s) will show up. Select the service you would like to book the trip on.

Step 4: Set the leave time

  • The rider can either (a) leave as soon as possible, (b) leave at a point in the future (if enabled), (c) (if enabled) set an arrive by a time.
  • Select the most relevant leave time option for the rider.

Step 5: Set passenger and accessibility preferences

  • Enter in the number of passengers along with any accessibility features required for the trip. Note: This will restrict the request to services and vehicles that can accommodate the passenger's accessibility needs.

Step 6: Select payment method

  • If payments are enabled for the service, select a relevant payment method for the user. Depending on payment options available, this could be Cash, Credit Card, or a Mobile Ticketing option.
  • If cash is not an option, and payment is required, select Add Credit Card with Spare Pay IVR. After selecting this option, an automated system will call the rider and request for them to input a credit card.

Step 7: Enter driver notes

  • Enter in any extra notes the driver may need for the passenger(s) and select Create Request. 🎉

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