Spare Platform allows you to enable customized SMS-text and app-based push notifications for your service's riders. 

To enable rider notifications, click on Settings in the bottom of the lefthand menu in Spare Launch. Next, scroll down slightly to the Notification Settings at the bottom where you will find the rider notifications for your organization. 

There are 5 notification types you can enable:

  • Ride Accepted: This notification is sent to the rider’s phone once a ride has been accepted by a driver and scheduled.
  • Ride Cancelled: This notification is sent to the rider’s phone when a ride has been cancelled. 
  • Ride Reminder: When rides are scheduled in advance, a ride reminder notification will be sent out 1 hour before the pickup/leave time.
  • Ride Arriving: This notification is sent 1 minute in advance of a vehicle’s arrival, up to 4 minutes prior to scheduled arrival time (e.g., if a driver arrives 6 minutes before their scheduled arrival, the SMS notifications will be sent 2 minutes later)
  • No Drivers Available: This notification is sent to a rider when no drivers are available to accept the request. 

To enable a rider notification, you have four options from the dropdown menu:

  1. SMS: only text messages will be sent
  2. Push: only app push notifications will be sent
  3. Push with fallback to SMS: both app push notifications and text messages will be sent
  4. None: no notifications will be sent

Next, select the trip creation interfaces you want to enable for each rider notification. That is, the rider will only receive an SMS notifications for the selected reminder when it was created through one of the selected interfaces, which include: Admin Panel, Rider App, and Driver App.

Next, if you click on Edit Template, you can create your own rider notification message. Otherwise, Spare will use its default notification messages in English (see below). To create your own, Unclick Use Default Notification Template and then enter the message you would like riders to receive in the textbox. You can use the following variables in your message:

  • {{rideScheduledTime}}: Scheduled pickup time.
  • {{rideRequestedTimeRange}}: Requested pickup time range. 
  • {{rideScheduledPickupAddress}}: Scheduled pickup address.
  • {{rideScheduledDropoffAddress}}: Scheduled dropoff address.
  • {{rideRequestId}}: The ride request ID number.

Spare Default SMS Notifications:

  • Ride Accepted notification: “Your ride [today at 10:00 AM] has been accepted”
  • Ride Cancelled notification: “Your ride [today at 10:00 AM] has been cancelled”
  • Ride Reminder notification: “Reminder that you have a ride [today at 10:00 AM]”
  • Ride Arriving notification: “Your driver is arriving!”
  • No Drivers Available notification: “We were not able to find a driver for your ride [today at 10:00 AM]”

Once complete, click Save in the bottom right. 

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