Shared fleets enable an operator ↔ service provider marketplace on Spare Platform.

How it works

For Service Providers

If you are providing a service you have two options for fleets:

  1. Your own fleet managed by your own organization.
  2. An external fleet managed by another organization.

In order to utilize an external fleet, you must ask the operator to share their fleet with you. For them to do this, they will need to follow the instructions below, "For Operators", and they will require your Organization ID. Once their fleet is shared with you, you will see their fleet in your list of fleets just like your own. When you select the fleet, you should see that it is being shared with you by another organization, as shown below.

For Operators

As a fleet operator you can share your fleet with other organizations, even if you use the fleet for your own service. In order to share your fleet you must select the fleet, and press "Share Fleet" in the Fleet Sharing pane. You then need to add the Organization ID of the organization that you would like to share your fleet with, as shown below.

Once a fleet is shared, it will eligible to receive bookings from any services that the fleet has been added to in the shared organization.

Limitations of fleet sharing

Information Transfer

For security and privacy of the users in a fleet, only required user information will be shared between organizations.

Flag Down Requests

External fleets are not allowed to create flag down requests for your services.

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