Creating Recurring Trips

Step 1: Find a trip to act as the "blueprint".

  • You can either select an existing trip Request or create a new one.
  • Please note that by clicking Create New Recurring Trip, the system will copy the specific rider, pickup and dropoff locations, notes, service and any accessibility features.

Step 2: Make sure that the pre-populated information at the top is correct.

Step 3: Select days of the week.

  • Select what days you would like this request to repeat on.

Step 4: Select what date you would like the recurring trip to start.

Please note that the "blueprint" trip you based the recurring trip on is a separate request in the system.

Step 5: Select the end date of the schedule

  • You can either let it run forever or select an end date by unticking the box Forever.

Step 6: Select Request time

  • Choose Leave-at or Arrive-by and pick a time

Step 7: Select Return Request

  • If you want this recurring trip to have a return trip, untick Return Request Time and choose a time for the return trip.

Step 8: Add any exceptions

  • You can add exceptions to the rules above by clicking the Add button at the bottom.

Step 9: Create the recurring trip

  • Complete the new recurring trip by clicking Create New Recurring Trip.

Editing a Recurring Trip

If you would like to edit a recurring trip, please navigate to Reccurring Trips under the Rides menu. Here you will find an overview of all the recurring trips .

Please note that any line here represents a "blueprint" for a recurring trip, not an individual trip request.

By clicking any of the existing recurring trips you will find the recurring trip details as well as all the requests automatically generated based on the recurring trip.

Editing a recurring trip

  • You can edit the days of week, the end date and exceptions by clicking Edit Recurring Trip.

Delete a recurring trip

  • You can delete a recurring trip by clicking Deactivate Recurring Trip.

Please note that deleting a recurring trip will delete the entire blueprint. If you instead want to cancel a specific Request created by the blueprint, please select the specific Request and cancel that one.

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