You can see a list of all the Riders registered in the system by clicking Users on the left side menu and then Riders:

By clicking on a Rider you will be taken to the Rider Details page for that specific Riders:

For each Rider you can see (and edit )the follow details:

Rider Details:

  • Firstname, Lastname, Phone, Email (optional for Riders)
  • At the top, you can also add a promo code or delete the rider.

Default Request Preferences:

  • You can set a default number (and type) of passengers or required accessibility features for the rider. The new defaults will automatically show up when you in the future create new trip requests for this specific rider.
  • You can also add default Notes for the Rider that will be shared with the Driver when picking up the Rider.

Favorite Locations:

  • By adding favorite locations a booking agent can simply search for Home in the pickup location field and the saved Home address will show up.

Charges, Promos, Fare Passes and Payment Methods:

  • If your organization has these features enabled in the Spare Platform.


  • This is an overview of all the requests for the rider.

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