Vehicles Overview

Access the Vehicles overview by selecting Shift Scheduling in the left side menu and select Vehicles.

Here you will see a list of all of your vehicles and their details. You can Filter your vehicles by clicking Filter at the top left of the page.

Adding Vehicles

You can add a new vehicle by clicking the Add Vehicle button in the top right.

Next, enter your vehicle’s details. The vehicle identifier can be an unique ID you decide. If the vehicle is managed by the organisation, leave the Managed by User field blank.

You can add accessibility features at the bottom - make sure to click the add button after selecting a feature from the dropdown menu. Note: if you do not add accessibility features to a vehicle, riders who request an accessible vehicle will not be able to be matched with that vehicle as the system will be unaware of its accessibility features.

To import vehicles in bulk, click on the Import Vehicles button at the top right of the page. Please make sure you use the correct CSV format.

Editing Vehicles

You can click on a vehicle to see more information about it. At the top right of the Vehicle Details page you can Delete or Edit the vehicle.

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