All drivers will need their own user profile in Spare Platform (with email and password) in order to log in to the Spare Driver App.

Drivers Overview

Access the Drivers overview by selecting Users in the left side menu and select Drivers.

Adding Drivers

Step 1: Click Add Driver at the top right.

Step 2: Fill out different fields.

  • Phone is not required for Drivers.
  • If you have Drivers you who should be able to drive without a Duty (unscheduled driving) please add their Fleet name in the Unscheduled Driving field. If not, leave blank.

Once you have created the driver's user profile, the driver will be sent an invite email to the email address provided.

To add multiple Drivers, click on the Import Drivers button at the top right of the page. Please make sure you use the correct CSV format. (If you don't have permission to import drivers, please reach out to your manager).

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