The Live Map is a great place to get a view of your entire on-demand operations or to dive deeper into specific services. The dark blue area represents your service zone boundary and the vehicles represent the drivers you currently have on duty.

The color of the vehicles on the map will change, indicating:

  • Green: The vehicle/duty/driver is currently operating normally and is on-time.
  • Yellow: The vehicle/duty/driver is between 2-10 minutes late to their next pickup/dropoff or a vehicle has not updated its location (no connection) for 1-2 minutes.
  • Red: The vehicle/duty/driver is over 10 minutes late to their next pickup or dropoff or has not updated its location (no connection) in over 2 minutes and so is now unmatchable.
  • Blue: The vehicle is “Idle” and currently has no trips booked to its manifest.
  • Grey: The vehicle has been paused and is unmatchable.

Hovering over or clicking on a vehicle will give you more information on the status and trip manifest of that duty.

In the Vehicle Details screen of the Live Map you will see:

  • The vehicles current status, including “Vehicle is/has”:
  • Vehicle Location Last Updated
  • Vehicle (click to see details)
  • Duty (click to see details)
  • Driver (click to see details)
  • Upcoming Requests with upcoming pickups and dropoffs

Pro Tip 1: Use the Upcoming Requests section for diagnosing operational problems.

  • The Vehicle Details screen can be extremely useful in diagnosing operational problems and answering questions, such as the current capacity of a vehicle or its current route. All of the vehicle’s currently assigned pickups and dropoffs are shown in a list which is then represented on the map by the chronological stops and the vehicle path. You can also click on View in the requests list to see details about that request.
  • By using the Time Travel feature you can see the status of a vehicle at a specific point in time. This is useful for answering questions from Riders.

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