To access the Platform Users, select the initials icon on the left-hand side of the screen, navigate to the Settings section, and then select Platform Users.

Here you will see a list of all of your current users and their details. The users menu includes all of the users that have login credentials to the Spare platform for your organization. You can filter users by clicking on the corresponding button at the top left of the page. You can also search for users in the search bar at the top, which is available throughout Spare’s various menus.

You can see more information about a user by clicking on them.

  • On the Platform User Details page you can see a user’s details:
  • At the top right of the page you can also Delete or Edit the user. If you cannot see the Delete button for a user, you may not have the necessary access. Please reach out to your administrator for clarification.

Click on Users in the left hand menu to return to the main Users page where you can add a new user by clicking the Add User button in the top right. Next, enter your user’s contact details (please make sure to add the + country code to the phone number) and select all of the roles that apply to them. The following roles, with the following user permissions, are available:

  • Administrator: Administrators have full view and write access to the entire suite of Spare Launch features, including, but not limited to: creating and editing services, setting and editing duties, creating and editing vehicles, creating and modifying requests, creating and modifying users, changing user permissions, as well as access to Spare Analyze and Realize (if applicable).
  • Operations Manager: An Operation Manager looks after day to day operations. Their access is similar to the Administrator, but they are not able to create/edit services and financial aspects of the platform (Promos, Passes, Refunds, Payment Methods, etc.).
  • Booking Agent: Booking agents only have write access to the User and Request menus, allowing them to create and edit non-administrator users as well as to create, edit, and delete trip requests. They can also view the Live Map, services, stops, favorite locations, reviews, and charges.
  • Scheduler: Schedulers have the same permissions as booking agents, but can also create, edit, and delete driver duties and vehicles.
  • Service Planner: Service Planners create the Service within the platform. They have access to create and edit Services and their dependent resources (Fleets, Zones, Stops, TimeRules). They can also create Groups and Rider Notifications.
  • Finance Manager: The Finance Manager has access to create and edit the Financial aspects of the platform. Those include promotions, refunds, and service revenue.
  • Access to Reporting: Allows for the creation of reports from Spare Analyze.
  • Access to Analytics: Allows the user to view the real-time analytics in Spare Analyze.

You can also upload a photo to their profile by clicking on the photo circle. Once complete, click Create New Platform User in the bottom right corner. If the user is created with only an email address, an email will be sent automatically to that email address requesting the user to set a password.

Users can be updated anytime by an Administrator from the Platform Users menu. A full list of permissions for each role can be found at the link below.

Spare Platform Role Permissions

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