Administrator notifications provide information to platform users about events within the platform. Unlike the notifications in the Launch menu, which notify riders, the notifications in the Administrator menu notify your specific user profile either through in platform alerts, via email, or both.

To access the administrator notifications, select the initials icon on the left-hand side of the screen, navigate to the Settings section, and then select Notifications.

The administrator notifications currently available are:

  1. No Scheduled Duties: Receive a notification when an active service begins without any duties scheduled for its service hours.
  2. Late Duty: Receive a notification when a driver is estimated to be more than 10 minutes late to their next scheduled pickup or dropoff location.
  3. Lost Vehicle Location: Receive a notification when a vehicle has not sent its location in over 5 minutes. Vehicles may not transmit their location because: (1) their tablet does not have a clear view to the sky to get a reliable GPS signal (or the signal is being disrupted by buildings etc.), or (2) their tablet cannot connect to the internet.
  4. Negative Review Posted: Receive a notification when a negative review has been posted by a user.
  5. Positive Review Posted with Comment: Receive a notification when a positive user review has been posted with a comment.
  6. No Show Cancellation: Receive a notification when a no-show cancellation has occurred. No-show cancellations can only be initiated by drivers and often happen when riders are late, at the wrong pickup location, or decided on a different transportation option and didn’t cancel their trip.
  7. System At Capacity: Receive a notification when a service has an average wait time of over 20 minutes. This alert is triggered when a passenger searches for a trip and is returned a wait time that is greater than 20 minutes. Often this happens because (1) duties are currently changing over (heading back to their duty end location) or (2) the service is experiencing high demand and has limited extra capacity.
  8. Idle Vehicle: Receive a notification when a vehicle has been idling outside its assigned service area for over 10 minutes.
  9. Stranded Request: Receive a notification when a stranded request is detected. Stranded requests happen when a request is made but cannot be matched to a driver. The request will be marked as “No Drivers Available”.
  10. Simultaneous Driver login: Receive a notification when multiple devices log into the same duty. If multiple devices are logged into the same duty, the location information for that duty will be incorrect and the analytics, reporting, and eta’s of the vehicles will be affected.
  11. Recurring Trip Failure: Receive a notification when a request fails to be created for a recurring trip.

There are 3 notification methods to choose from for each notification type:

  1. Admin Alert: notification will show in the notifications menu at the bottom of the Spare left side menu (looks like a bell).
  2. Email: a notification will be emailed to your profile’s email address.
  3. Admin Alert and Email: you will get a platform notification and an email notification.

You can enable different notification types for the various scenarios by selecting options from the dropdown menus.

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