Announcements can be used to notify users of service disruptions, special events, or other notifications of your choosing through an alert displayed in your organization’s rider app.

Under the Launch menu (looks like a spaceship), navigate to the Service Planning section on the left hand side menu and then select Announcements.

Click Add Announcement to create a new announcement or click Display Active to filter by currently active announcements (there are no announcements in this example list).

To create a new announcement, fill out the following information about your announcement:

  1. Title (make your title short and clear)
  2. Details (a description of the announcement)
  3. Announcement status (you can enable or disable the announcement at any time)
  4. Select an announcement color
  5. Select an announcement icon
  6. Enter in any relevant URLs (for example, to a weather report or press release)
  7. Priority (higher priority announcement will come before lower priority ones when listed in the app)
  8. Choose whether the announcement requires acknowledgement or not (Rider must tap "Accept" in a fullscreen popup before they can use the app)

Before saving your announcement, decide if you want it to be geofenced. Geofencing allows you to restrict your announcement to a specific geographic area. Only users located within the geofence boundaries will receive the announcement in their rider app.

To create a geofence, click Add Geofence at the top of the announcement window.

Draw your geofence on the map by clicking points and drawing lines to other points until the zone is entirely enclosed. You can use the blue bar at the bottom to undo, redo, dispose of your zone, or import a zone shapefile. Once you have drawn your geofence zone and named it, click on the back arrow - the geofence will now be active for this announcement.

To save your announcement, click Save Announcement at the bottom of the window. You should now see a list of all of your announcements in the Announcements menu. To edit an announcement, click on it, click Edit Announcement at the top of the window, and then follow the same process as above.

Remember that your announcement is only active once you have enabled it in its settings.

Once enabled, announcements will appear at the top of the rider app (if using the Spare Rider app) as in the image below. A user can then tap on the announcements button to see more information.

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