Favourite Locations allow riders to easily select a destination they frequent often without having to re-enter addresses. They are also beneficial to Booking Agents, as they can simply search for "Home" in the pick-up or drop-off location field when booking a trip for a rider. Then, the saved "Home" address of that particular rider will appear.

In the Spare Rider app, you are able to set your favourite locations such as Home and Work by selecting on either icon at the bottom of the Home Screen. Of course, you can add additional favourite locations by following these steps!

First, log into the Spare Rider app on your device. You may need to re-enter your telephone number and verification code if you were logged out. If you need to create an account, you can learn to do so here.

Once you have logged in, the home screen will show your current location. Click the "Account Menu" button in the top left corner of the app (avatar icon).

Scroll to the bottom of the Account Menu page and click on the "Settings" button.

Then select "Favourite Locations". This is where you will be able to see and add favourite places to your Rider Profile.

Here, you are able to set Favourite Locations for your Home and Work addresses, and any additional locations you frequent often. You can add up to eight Favourite Locations (including Work and Home locations).

There are a few options for creating a new Favourite Location. You can:

  • Search for a favourite location

  • Set a location on the map

  • Select your current location

  • Choose from a previous destination you have entered (these are listed with the light orange flag icons on the left)

After you have selected the Favourite Location, you may choose an icon which matches that location. Click the "Confirm" button to ensure your Favourite Location is added in the app.

Once you select "Confirm", you will be taken back to the screen which displays all of your Favourite Locations. If you want to add another Favourite Location, simply press the "Add Favourite" button.

When you return back to the Home Screen, your Favourite Locations will display at the bottom of the screen with the matching icon that was selected in the location set-up.

Your Favourite Locations will also be displayed underneath the search bar when you go to book a trip.

And that's all! Nice work 🥳

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