It is important that a rider always has their most up-to-date phone number and email address entered in their account details, as this is how they will receive ride notifications and Stripe receipts (if that is enabled for your service).

In the case where a rider updates their phone number or email address, Administrators and Booking Agents are unable to edit this information in the Spare Platform due to security reasons. Instead of editing, an Administrator or Booking Agent will need to create a new account for the rider, enter their new details, and delete their old account.

You can learn more on how to delete duplicate rider accounts here.

Deleting a rider account will archive the entire rider profile; so if you were to search for it, you could not see it. However, it will not erase the rider's past trip history. All rider trips will remain in the database and will still show in the analytics, requests, and reports. It is recommended that the rider's old, duplicate account is deleted to avoid any confusion when booking trips.

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