You can change the tipping rate as you like and apply the tipping rate to services. This will enable you to set a different tipping rate to each services and keep drivers happy!

How to set Tip Policy

  1. Under Spare Pay, go to Tip Policies and click on Add Tip Policy

2. Type of Tipping Policy

<Fixed Only / Percent Only>

You can set Small - Medium - Large tip option for both Fixed and Percent policy. This will be fixed fare/percent regardless of fare amount.

<Fixed, then Percent>

You can set Switch Amount where tipping policy switches from Fixed to Percent. When fares are below the amount, the Fixed option applies and when above, the Percent option applies to fares.

You can also see how riders will see the tipping screen on the rider app and move the slider to check how Fixed, then Percent will be shown.

3. Lastly, go to Services to apply the tip policy to a service and save it.

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