To create a new Project in Realize, navigate to the Realize tool in your sidebar. A list of your existing Projects will be displayed in a table. Click on ‘Add Project’ in the top right corner.

Give your Project a memorable name, and then click ‘Create New Project’.

Once your Project has been created, a new page is displayed, where you have a choice of actions to take:

  • Clicking ‘Edit Project’ will give you the option to rename the Project.

  • Clicking ‘Duplicate Project’ will create an exact copy of the Project and all its contents, including Services, Zones, Fleets and so on.

  • Clicking ‘Delete Project’ will permanently delete the Project from your profile. A warning notification will ask you to confirm this action, as it cannot be undone.

  • Clicking ‘Run Project’ will allow you to enter the Realize platform to view your data, build services, and so on. This is your door into the wonderful world of Realize!

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