Next, your Service needs to be assigned to a specific geography; at Spare, we refer to service areas as ‘Zones’. Click on ‘Add Zone’. This takes you to a new sidebar.

Start by drawing your Zone. As the helpful hint suggests, you can draw the Zone yourself by clicking on the map in the shape you desire. Make sure you finish drawing your Zone by clicking on the first point you drew, otherwise the Zone will not be completed.

Alternatively, if you already have a Zone shape generated using an external different GIS package, you can upload that Zone shape as a shapefile (*.shp) or geojson (*.geojson). Click the Zone upload icon in the blue bar at the bottom of the map view and follow the on-screen prompts to click-and-drag your file into Realize.

Give your Zone an informative name.

Select your Zone Type from the dropdown menu. ‘Door to door’ means your Zone will allow travel between any locations of a rider’s choosing. ‘Closest stops’ means your Zone will only permit pickups and dropoffs at pre-specified stops.

If you select ‘Closest Stops’, a couple of additional options will appear in the sidebar. Select your Stop Source in the dropdown menu. Selecting ‘Generated by Realize’ as a Stop Source will automatically generate stops in the most popular locations, up to the number of stops you specify in the ‘Number of Stops Required in Zone’ field. Realize warns you about how many of your required stops could be automatically generated, in a smaller grey font below the field.

Selecting ‘Manual Input’ as the Stop Source reveals a Stops table. Click ‘Add Stop’ below the table and select ‘Add New Stop’ or ‘Import Stops’ from the dropdown menu.

‘Add New Stop’ is a manual option, which allows you to create a Stop anywhere within your Zone by clicking on the map. Make sure to give your Stop a numerical code and name. You can delete any Stop by clicking on ‘Delete Stop’ at the top of this sidebar.

Clicking on ‘Import Stops’ will allow you to bulk import stops from a CSV file. A popup will guide you through this process.

Next, select the desired Zone Direction for your Zone. ‘Pickup and dropoff’ means both pickups and dropoffs are permitted in the Zone. The alternatives are ‘Pickup only’ and ‘Dropoff only’.

You can repeat this Zone creation process as needed: there is no limit to the number of Zones you can create in a Service!

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