At Spare, we refer to groups of vehicles as ‘Fleets’. To build a Fleet, navigate to the ‘Fleets’ tab in the right sidebar. Click on ‘Add Fleet’. This takes you to a new sidebar.

Give your Fleet an informative name.

Enter the total number of driver shifts (Realize takes this to mean the total number of vehicles in your Fleet), and the average shift length of each driver shift. The blue box calculates the number of vehicle hours the Fleet is supplying, by multiplying the number of shifts and the average shift length.

Note that Realize does not currently allow you to create a complex shift schedule (including breaks) for your Fleet. This is to ensure simple and robust simulations, but may soon change.

Enter some additional parameters in the fields below the blue box, which mainly control the operational and capital costs associated with each Fleet.

Repeat these steps to add as many Fleets as necessary. Note that your Fleets are not connected to a Service until you explicitly connect a Fleet in the Services tab.

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