Once you have gone through all the effort of building your Service, connecting your Fleets and checking the assumptions of your simulations, it’s time to get some results!

Realize breaks down the impact of your Service into three main themes: the Service Summaries, the Service KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), and the Savings.

Navigate to the Service Summaries tab in the left-hand sidebar, once you have connected at least one Fleet to your Service. This provides high-level insights about your Service(s), including Zone characteristics and a breakdown of the simulated Trips.

Next, navigate to the Service KPIs in the left-hand sidebar. This displays key information about the experience of the Service for the rider, as well as a summary of Fleet and vehicle information.

Finally, navigate to the Savings sidebar. This provides a full breakdown of the costs and benefits of each Service in your Project, split into Agency, Societal and Environmental Savings. Scroll to the bottom of this tab to see a summary of the return on investment (ROI) of your Service(s).

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