If you would like to see a specific Dataset that is currently unavailable for your study region, please get in touch with the Realize team.

If you are requesting a standard Dataset (e.g. total population across a city, or the locations of healthcare and entertainment facilities in an area), the Realize team may be able to create it for you.

If you already have a Dataset to hand and want to visualize in Realize, send the file to your Spare Partner Success representative in a spatial format, preferably CSV (*.csv), geojson (*.geojson) or shapefile (*.shp). If the Dataset is in CSV format, it should be organised as a row per data point, and each row containing three columns: latitude, longitude, and value (the value is the data you wish to display, e.g. total population count at that latitude/longitude pair).

Currently, Dataset uploads are not self-serve, so the Realize team will gladly do it for you. However, you will soon be able to upload your own Datasets yourself.

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