Datasets are a fundamental part of Spare Realize. They play two important roles:

  1. They allow you to visualize data in a spatial format (i.e. overlaid on a map), in order to better understand the data landscape in your study area;

  2. They are used to drive Demand Models in Realize, which estimate the total volume of trips that can be expected in a Zone, and where trips are likely to start and end.

A handful of core Datasets are provided as standard in Realize. These are usually socio-demographic data, such as total population and jobs distributions, and some additional Point-of-Information (POI) data such as the locations of shops, entertainment facilities and healthcare facilities. They are uploaded for your study area when you first purchase Realize, and updated with new versions of the data regularly.

It is also possible to request additional Datasets that you may have to hand; see the related Help Doc for more information.

Once uploaded, Datasets can be visualized by clicking on the ‘Data Layers’ button in the top left of your screen. Toggle on the Dataset you’re interested in visualizing.

Datasets are also used to underpin Demand Models when you are building a Service. When you select a certain Dataset in your Demand Model, it effectively represents the home/origin locations of one half of the trips that are automatically generated in Realize for your Zone.

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