Once you've added a fixed route to your organization, you'll need to assign the route to the driver to operate the route. To assign a duty to a fixed route, you'll first need to create a duty that covers the hours required by the route.

For example, for a route that starts at 8 AM, and is 5 minutes away from the start location of the duty, I've created a duty beginning at 7:45 AM to allow adequate time to get to the first stop.

  • Once you've created the duty, you can go ahead and click on it

  • When it pops up, you can click on "Assign Route".

  • After clicking "Assign Route", you can go ahead and start clicking the route start times that you would like to assign to this duty

  • Once clicked, the route will be added to driver's duty and will show encircled by blue

  • This could take a few moments

  • If the fixed-route time isn't highlighted in blue, click "close" and reopen the duty before clicking the fixed-route start time again!

Congrats, you've assigned your fixed route to a duty! 🚀

NOTE: If the fixed duty is not highlighted in blue after clicking it, please refresh the page prior to trying to add it again to ensure it was not already added, but not highlighted.

Fleet Considerations

When assigning a fixed route to a duty, it's important to consider the assigned fleet. If a driver is driving for a fleet that is attached to other services, the driver will still be able to complete rides for the other service if they fit into their manifest.

For example, if a duty is assigned to a fleet that is also linked to a door-to-door service, this driver will still be able to complete the door-to-door rides if they fit into their manifest.

In the above image, you can see the driver was assigned a pickup between the "Coldwater & Coldwater" route stop and the "Top of Balsam" route stop. They were to complete the dropoff for this added rider after they'd completed their route, as "Top of Balsam" is the final stop.

If you wanted to avoid the addition of rides from other services to a fixed-route duty, we recommend assigning the duty to a fleet that is not linked to any other services.

Removing Fixed Routes from a Duty

To remove a fixed route time from a duty:

  • In "Duties" under "Shift Scheduling", click into the duty you wish to cancel

  • Click "Assign Route"

  • Click on the fixed route times highlighted in blue that you would like to remove from the duty

You have successfully removed the fixed route times from the duty!

NOTE: If the duty time is still highlighted in blue after having clicked it, please refresh your page before clicking the duty again and check first to see if the fixed route time has been removed from the duty.

Canceling Duties with Assigned Fixed Routes

When canceling a duty with an assigned route, it's important to first remove the assigned route from the duty. If the assigned route is not removed prior to canceling the duty, you will not be able to assign the route to another duty.

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