Fare Passes can be set up for riders to purchase and apply to their account.

Types of Fare Passes:

Fare Passes can be time-based or value-based and are typically set up to offer the rider a way to mass purchase rider tickets, often incentivized with a discount.

How to Create a Fare Pass:

Fare Passes can be found under 'Spare Pay' on the left-hand navigation menu. Once selected, the option to '+ Add Fare Pass' is displayed in the top right-hand corner.

From here, all the details can be filled in and the type can be selected, either time-based or stored value. Select 'Create New Fare Pass' once complete.

The Fare Pass will remain in a draft format until 'Publish Fare Pass' is then selected.

Once published the Fare Pass will be visible in the rider app for riders to purchase and add to their account.

The rider is able to select a pass to purchase and their card details, if not already on file, are requested.

Once purchased the rider will be able to use the Fare Pass on all upcoming trips until the expiry date (if time-based) or the credit has run out (value-based). It is also possible to archive the Fare Pass from the admin panel if necessary.

Important things to note:

  • Stripe must be enabled in order to take payment details

  • The Fare Pass begins once enabled, there is no start date

  • Only the rider is able to add themselves to a Fare Pass via the Rider App

  • Fare Passes can't be restricted to a particular service

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