This document is designed to get you up and running with Spare Realize. It summarizes the key steps to setting up a project and getting some results. If reading isn't your thing, check out this 7-minute video for a whirlwind tour of Realize.

  1. Start a Project: Navigate to the Realize tool in your sidebar, and create your first project. Once you're in a project, you can always return to the main projects page.

  2. Explore your Datasets: Before you begin your simulations, make sure you have helpful Datasets for your area of interest. You can easily visualize them in the Data Layers tab. If you don't have the right Datasets, feel free to request them!

  3. Visualize Fixed Routes: On-demand transit doesn't exist in a vacuum, so it's important to understand how your planned service could fit within the fixed route system. It's easy to import and visualize Fixed Routes.

  4. Set up simulations: It's time to get your hands dirty with building out a service simulation! Follow these key steps:

    1. Set up a new Service. You need a Service to start designing zones and predicting demand.

    2. Set up a new Zone for your Service. Zones are the fundamental geographic units upon which on-demand systems are built. You can always export or delete a Zone if needed.

    3. Build a Demand Model within your Zone(s). This is one of the most complex parts of Realize, so take your time! You can either build the Demand Model manually, or ask Realize to do the grunt work for you. You'll have to set the Adoption Rate, which controls how popular your service might be, as well as the Service Hours and other parameters.

    4. Build a Fleet and then make sure you connect the Fleet to your Service. This ensures you are providing a supply of vehicles to the demand you simulated in the previous step.

    5. If you're feeling brave, delve into the Assumptions tab to fiddle with some more advanced simulation parameters.

  5. Check out the results: You've worked hard to set up your simulation, so it's time to understand how your service is behaving, and how you could improve it!

    1. Visualize the trips that Realize has predicted might occur thanks to your Service.

    2. Explore the impact of your service using the key performance indicators (KPIs) and financial savings calculated for you by Realize.

  6. Keep iterating: A central feature of Realize is that it lets you rapidly iterate on your ideas. If the results don't quite hit your objectives, go back to Demand and Supply stages, pull some different levers, and see if you can come up with a more optimal solution!

  7. Export the results: Once you're happy to share your service plans, you can easily export your key results in a variety of formats.

If you're ever confused about some of the terminology you see in Realize, feel free to check out the Realize glossary.

And as you continue to use Realize, don't forget to leave us some feedback! Realize can't improve without your thoughts and ideas.

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