What are Driver Breaks?

With Automated Driver Breaks, you will be able set up a policy for how breaks should be facilitated on your fleets. This policy will then automatically schedule breaks in your duties.

As your duties fill up with trips, the breaks will automatically move around in order to maximize the overall efficiency of your schedule. Once your driver starts their duty, real-time optimization will ensure that breaks remain efficiently scheduled and adapt to the events of the day.

Who can configure Driver Breaks?

System Administrators and service planners have the ability to configure a break policy for any auto-accept fleets.

How do I configure Driver Breaks?

Users can configure Driver Breaks from the Fleet settings area under Break Policy.

Users can choose to enable Break Policy and specify the length of the break and the maximum driving time without a break.

Once a policy has been created, any new duties associated with the fleet will have a break added to it's manifest.

**Please note that any changes to break policies will not update the breaks of existing duties**

A break can move within a defined by the "Maximum driving time without a break" setting.

Administrators, Service Planners and Schedulers can view the breaks in any upcoming duty on the Edit Duty page.

Additionally, Administrators, Service Planners and Schedulers can view the breaks in any live duty in the Upcoming Itinerary section of the live map:

Administrators, Service Planners and Schedulers can also view the breaks in any live or completed duties in the Duty Itinerary and Duty Time Travel:

What happens when a break begins?

Drivers are told when their break has started and how long they have until it ends. Drivers are unable to start or end their break early or late.

Drivers can also see the break policy in the Vehicle Status section of the Driver App. Once a drivers break is over, they will receive a push notification to their device, incase they have closed the Driver Application.

Viewing an in-progress break in the Live Map

We have introduced a new white vehicle status for duties that are on breaks. You can click on the vehicle to view vehicle information and how long the driver has left of their break.

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