This help article will outline how the override flexibility feature can be set up and used.

What is the Override Flexibilities Limit?

Override Flexibilities Limit is a setting which allows the system to search for a trip request slot outside of flexibility limits set up at the service level when the request won't fit in otherwise.

The option will only appear when a trip request is unable to be booked.

How do I set up an Override Flexibilities Limit?

The Override Flexibilities Limit can be set up at the service level.

How will I know what other requests have been impacted?

When the Override Flexibilities Limit option is selected, a warning message will appear and display a list of any impacted requests.

Who has access to this feature?

A user needs to have 'Operations Manager' or 'Administrator' access to use this feature. Further details about different platform user permissions can be found here.

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